Atlanta By Night

A Guide To Traveling The World


Atlanta By Night - A Guide To Traveling The World

Atlanta – The New Attraction of the South

View of Centennial Park in Atlanta at nightIf you ever seen in some movies or some even in the greatest novels of all time, you can perhaps recall scenes that have portraits of the event that took place in the civil war along with the structure of the colonial buildings. Isn’t it nostalgic? As you can see, Atlanta today has a combined attraction of both the old Southern structure and 21st century progress. Because of this, they hold numbers of museums, traditional houses including parks, mountain paths, and glamorous restaurants. Therefore, if you have some free time and would like to wind up for a bit, you must see these attractions in the South. Mind you, you will not regret it. Here are the best tourist spots in Atlanta:

City Pass
The tour for City Pass lasts for 9 days for $74 only. You can have your reservations through the internet. There are also helpful discussions at

Georgian Aquarium.
This is the largest aquarium in the world that was built in the year 2005. For the record, it contains more than 8 million gallons of water. This aquarium holds some rare species like the beluga whales, penguins, piranhas, sea lions, and sharks. Atlanta Zoo Here you can find various animals from all over the world like pandas, the Sumatran Orang Otang, and the black rhinos. This is just located along the downtown of Atlanta so this is easily spotted.

Another attraction that has been featured in some movies is the road over to Tara and Scarlet O’Hara. Along the road to Tara, you can see a small distinct souvenir shop. This is because, this shop is where you can find the costumes used in the movies, including stuffs from movie settings and the galleries which are preserved. You will also have the opportunity to visit a novelist’s home and the apartment where she wrote down one of her best-selling novel.

To feel something different, try starting your day late by having lunch at the tallest building in the Western part. This site gives you a bird’s eye view of the Atlanta City. If you want latest updates about what is happening with our world today, you can head down to the CNN Atlanta studio after lunch. Everything you want to know about behind the scenes taking in a newsroom can be found here. Then, you can visit Jimmy Carter Library and Museum which has the same structure as that of the Oval office. After visiting all those spots, you will barely notice that it is already evening. And if happens that you are visiting Atlanta between months of April and October, you surely are lucky enough to watch the baseball games. Then you can have Stone Mountain Park the next day.

If you are visiting Atlanta for a couple days only, make sure that you have made your plans well as to what site you are going to prioritize most. Since all of the spots are beautiful, you may not want to regret not having visited other sites.

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