Atlanta By Night

A Guide To Traveling The World


Atlanta By Night - A Guide To Traveling The World

Atlanta: Where Should You Go?

atlanta georgiaThe Jewel of the South is Atlanta, and you can easily reach this amazing city by car, train, or even by air if you want. If you enter the city by air, then you do not need to rent a car because you can travel anywhere you need to without one but if you want it is very easy to drive around Atlanta.

You can also use the MARTA train which will take you from the airport directly to downtown Atlanta, which is very convenient. So when you are in Atlanta, here are some of the different places you may want to check out.

  1. The Georgia Aquarium
  2. The CNN World Headquarters
  3. The Martin Luther King National History Site
  4. The Atlanta History Center
  5. The Fernbank Museum of Natural History
  6. The Atlanta Zoo
  7. The Centennial Olympic Park
  8. Margaret Mitchell House and Museum

Believe it or not but the biggest aquarium in the entire world is the Georgia Aquarium. You can see a broad range of different kinds of wildlife and believe it or not, but there are well over sixty different exhibits that you can check out when you are visiting this excellent aquarium.

Another place you may want to check out is the CNN world headquarters, and they offer tours for you to try as well. You can see the news and have a visit at the same time which is pretty impressive, to say the least. And you can also see the longest freestanding escalator in the whole world at the CNN world headquarters as well.

Another site to check out when you are visiting Atlanta is the Martin Luther King National History Site because here you can learn a lot about Martin Luther King Jr. and all of the different kinds of things he accomplished. You can see all of the different memorabilia, and you can also see the history and the facts of this incredible leader.

If you are interested in history, then you may want to go over to the Atlanta history center because here you will be able to learn all about the civil war and about the history of this grand city as well. And you can see the civil war from the point of view from the south, which is a rare glimpse because after all, the victor writes the history. And when you are wandering around this history center, you can feel like you are in the middle of the civil war.

If you have kids, you may want to go to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History because this contains an IMAX theater, planetarium, and also an observatory as well. So when you have kids with you, you really will want to try this place out, because it is amazing without a doubt and your kids will love this place.

And if you love gorillas, this zoo has the most gorillas, and it also has pandas as well so that is a huge treat that you will be able to enjoy with no doubt. And you can easily spend the whole day here if you have kids because your little ones will love seeing the animals here.

Another place to check out when you are visiting Atlanta is the Centennial Olympic Park which is where the 1996 summer Olympics was held, so that is a pretty cool place to check out if you have the time. However, this site is mostly famous for the bombing that occurred here, however now it is a peaceful and beautiful park that you can spend the day in and relax. It has playgrounds for the kids and has a lot of awesome eateries that serve up some very delicious food. So that is yet another fantastic place that you will want to spend your day in when you are visiting the amazing city of Atlanta.

The famous author who wrote the book Gone with the Wind also has her home here which she calls “the dump.” Just go and visit the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum if you are interested.

Atlanta is the home of the largest aquarium in the world and here you will be able to see a broad range of different things from the thousands of different species to entertainment events, 3D shows, and also informative workshops as well. Atlanta is a fun city, and there is no denying that, so if you are up for some adventure, then Atlanta is the place for you.

Atlanta Restaurants

It doesn’t matter whether the restaurant is the top steakhouse or not because people of Atlanta patronizes their restaurants. From finger foods like burgers and fries up to heavy meals like curry and beef, people would still love to dine-in. Restaurants of Atlanta are one of the best to dine-in and finding food coupons are easy since you can find them around.

Atlanta-restaurantOne of their best specialty are hot dogs and you can hear it for yourself as that most of them are proud of. For instance, their chili dogs are topped with mustard and you can sprinkle any spices the way you want it. Another is strawberry soda wherein in this case, it becomes strawberry cola or strawberry coffee as they have the innovativeness of making popular foods. However, alcoholic beverages are not mixed for this purpose.

Now, if you want to eat burgers,then just look around at any bar and grill houses. Their grill houses are designed in a way that diners won’t be bored and that they leave the place saying they will be back again. Such decorations include motorcycles, stuff hangers, skeletons, paintings, galaxy lighting, and many others. If you are one of the diners, you will surely create impressions that will embed in your memory. There are also good suggestions at Since it is all about burgers, they serve around twenty varieties of cooking on the best meat you can think of as your patty such as beef, pork, chicken, ostrich, turkey and bison. Aside from burgers, they also serve foods that we cook in our home like omelets, white onions, and shrimps. They serve major meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner and snacks like brunch, afternoon snack, and late night snack. Parents though must be aware that children below eighteen cannot yet enter a bar house or the grill house.

Another food that Atlanta restaurants are famous for is their fried chicken. They even named some of the days in the week or time of the day as fried chicken time like “fried chicken night”. Along with fried chicken as the main menu, they have side dishes like chocolate treats to go along. Most of the time, people like to eat fried chicken during brunch time. But the most amazing of all is during Sundays because all kind of steaks and seafood are part of the brunch buffet. They can serve at least 80 variety of food ranging from sea food like clams, shells, crabs, and shrimps, meat like mentioned earlier including cheese that would make your mouth watery. Whether it is a meal or snack time, they are equally yummy.

As mentioned earlier too, Atlanta coupons are not hard to find as you can see them in any Atlanta restaurant. They have loads and loads of coupon that makes their customers happy and come back for more. You can also try searching for it in the internet. The internet will also give you their location as depicted by maps along with the name of the restaurant. So what are you waiting for, go get your coupon!

Historical Landmarks and Tourist Attractions In Atlanta

Atlanta-landmarksAtlanta landmarks ranks 13th in attracting tourist in the United States. Every year, there are millions of tourists recorded to have visited Atlanta. Aside from its famous attractions, it is also prepared with heartfelt activities and fancy restaurants to welcome tourists. After all, Atlanta is a city famous for its historical landmarks, museums, theater houses and diversity. Atlanta is one of the fastest growing city in the U.S.A. Visiting Atlanta feels like you’re also visiting to a wonderland. It is a place you will never forget nor you will regret once you get there. People all over the world are trying their best to see this place. This place has been featured many times in movies because of its scenery that can capture your mind.

History Center of Atlanta: This center is located at the center of Buckhead at 33 acres. It is one of the leading museums in the U.S. This history center lived up to its name as one of the biggest center as it contains two other historical houses, an olympic museum, a historical garden, a research center, and a novelist’s house. It also preserves large numbers of artifacts from the civil war history of America. This museum can give you everything you need for studying history and the best place at the South. Some information you may want to read about Atlanta can be found at Whether you’re alone or with your family, you could still get to enjoy visiting Atlanta because it is worth it. All you need to do get a reservation from any travel agency and you’re good to go.

The University Center of Atlanta and The West End Center: These two centers are known for its contribution in the African-American culture. This is one of the country’s main institution that provides learning about African-American history and culture. If you happen to travel from UK, you can visit several colleges along the way. If you are also looking for a place to worship, you can visit the church located at the heart of the University Center. This church played an important role in their history. People then go to this place to worship and it is believed to be the most holy.

Natural History Museum of Atlanta: This museum is unique because it is the only museum that emerges from a historical forest. The place is preserved for the purpose of studying nature in connection with time and space. Isn’t it wonderful? Also, after visiting the natural museum, you can attend some camping activities, workshops, lectures, orientations, family gathering activities, and storytelling. This is a way of showing care to the natural resources or taking responsibility of protecting nature, especially to the people of Atlanta. It is a fun way to learn history, the universe, human nature, structures, and the environment. You can look for reservations that are not that highly expensive when you visit Atlanta. You can reserve anywhere for your own convenience. What matters most is that you have the heart to set your mind at ease by visiting places that can relax you; and that would be Atlanta.

Atlanta – The New Attraction of the South

View of Centennial Park in Atlanta at nightIf you ever seen in some movies or some even in the greatest novels of all time, you can perhaps recall scenes that have portraits of the event that took place in the civil war along with the structure of the colonial buildings. Isn’t it nostalgic? As you can see, Atlanta today has a combined attraction of both the old Southern structure and 21st century progress. Because of this, they hold numbers of museums, traditional houses including parks, mountain paths, and glamorous restaurants. Therefore, if you have some free time and would like to wind up for a bit, you must see these attractions in the South. Mind you, you will not regret it. Here are the best tourist spots in Atlanta:

City Pass
The tour for City Pass lasts for 9 days for $74 only. You can have your reservations through the internet. There are also helpful discussions at

Georgian Aquarium.
This is the largest aquarium in the world that was built in the year 2005. For the record, it contains more than 8 million gallons of water. This aquarium holds some rare species like the beluga whales, penguins, piranhas, sea lions, and sharks. Atlanta Zoo Here you can find various animals from all over the world like pandas, the Sumatran Orang Otang, and the black rhinos. This is just located along the downtown of Atlanta so this is easily spotted.

Another attraction that has been featured in some movies is the road over to Tara and Scarlet O’Hara. Along the road to Tara, you can see a small distinct souvenir shop. This is because, this shop is where you can find the costumes used in the movies, including stuffs from movie settings and the galleries which are preserved. You will also have the opportunity to visit a novelist’s home and the apartment where she wrote down one of her best-selling novel.

To feel something different, try starting your day late by having lunch at the tallest building in the Western part. This site gives you a bird’s eye view of the Atlanta City. If you want latest updates about what is happening with our world today, you can head down to the CNN Atlanta studio after lunch. Everything you want to know about behind the scenes taking in a newsroom can be found here. Then, you can visit Jimmy Carter Library and Museum which has the same structure as that of the Oval office. After visiting all those spots, you will barely notice that it is already evening. And if happens that you are visiting Atlanta between months of April and October, you surely are lucky enough to watch the baseball games. Then you can have Stone Mountain Park the next day.

If you are visiting Atlanta for a couple days only, make sure that you have made your plans well as to what site you are going to prioritize most. Since all of the spots are beautiful, you may not want to regret not having visited other sites.